There is definitely no shortage of catering services in Fort Smith, Arkansas! Below, you'll find a list of preferred caterers. If you have any questions or have difficulty reaching one of our catering partners, let us know! We'll help get you in contact with the right people.

Golden Catering
1801 South Waldron Road
Fort Smith, AR. 72903
Office: 479-484-1040
Cell: 479-522-7958

21 West End

21 North 2nd Street, Fort Smith, AR 72901
Fort Smith, AR. 72901
Mike Chronister or Kevin Dory
Office: 479-434-4213
Cell: 479-926-6290

Courtyard by Marriott (Fort Smith Catering Co.)

900 Rogers Avenue
Fort Smith, AR. 72901
Carol Smith
Office: 479-783-2100

River City Bistro/Grill

7320 Rogers Avenue #7
Fort Smith, AR. 72903
Susan Tucker, Jason Haid
Office: 479-434-6474
Cell: 479-527-3075

Especially Yours Catering (Golden Living)

1000 Fianna Way 
Fort Smith, AR. 72919
Mickey Sellard
Office: 479-201-2000

Art's BBQ

8203 Rogers Avenue
Fort Smith, AR 72903
Wade York
Office: 479-452-2550
Cell: 479-414-2481


201 North 14th Street
Fort Smith, AR. 72901
Joe Calderera
Office: 479-2292

Calico County

2409 South 56th Street 
Fort Smith, AR. 72903
Lance Loroche or Scott Blair
Office: 479-452-3299

Catfish Cove

1615 Phoenix Avenue #116
Fort Smith, AR. 72901
Leonard Cernak
Office: 479-646-8835 

Neumeier's Rib Room

424 Garrison Avenue
Fort Smith, AR. 72901
Office: 479-494-7427

Imperial Catering & Dinning

6001 Praire Drive 
Fort Smith, AR. 72916
Steve Hunt or Regina Speer
Office: 479-782-8363

Stars & Stripes (Bruce Terri Catering) 

5013 South 92 Street 
Fort Smith, AR. 72903
Chuck Peacock
Office: 479-452-8171

El Rodeo

3516 North O Street 
Fort Smith, AR. 72904
Guillermo Rodriquez
Office: 479-782-8690


For more information and/or help planning your meeting:

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