Creed Fisher

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Dates: 5/3/2024
Times: 8 PM
Price: $25 - $30
Contact: 479-222-6186


Texas southern rock singer and songwriter Creed Fisher is a country anthem icon in the making. Not one to cash in on trends, Fisher's music is raw and real, representative of the everyday lives of his hardcore fans. He's not afraid of controversy, singing about the good, the bad and the ugly of life in the south.

Fisher's musical journey began with the release of the single "I'll Keep Drinkin'" in 2012. That same year, he followed with the debut album Down Here in Texas. He became widely popular in West Texas and continued his success with the release of a second album in 2014, Ain't Scared to Bleed. A prolific songwriter, Fisher went on to release nine albums between 2014 and 2021.

The year 2021 was a big one for Fisher. He signed with Dirt Rock Empire and was crowned Roots/Alternative Artist of the Year at the Texas Country Music Awards. He released a tenth album, Rebel in the South, in 2022.

Creed Fisher's live shows run the gamut of emotions -- you'll be ready to honky tonk one minute, teary-eyed the next, and laughing out loud with the next song. You'll experience a mix of storytelling via traditional country and good ol' rock and roll. There's a little something for everyone at a Creed Fisher concert. Get tickets to see Creed Fisher when he comes to a city near you.

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