Devil's Den Trails

Hiking, backpacking, and mountain bike trails lead to backcountry areas in the park and the surrounding Ozark National Forest.

The rugged Ozark Plateau, better known as the Ozark Mountains, cut and carved by streams and rock falls, is revealed at its best in the hollows of Devil's Den State Park. Here trails weave through, around and over one of the largest crevice areas in North America. Explore Devil's Den Cave, hike to Yellow Rock Overlook, identify wildflowers along the Woody Plant Trail, stop and get your feet wet while you rest along the Lee Creek Trail, or go on a backpacking adventure along the 15-mile Butterfield Hiking Trail. The park features 20 miles of hiking trails that explore historic home sites, natural bridges, caves and waterfalls of the Ozarks.

Stop by the park visitor center and pick up your guide to the trails of Devil's Den and a map of the surrounding Ozark National Forest. 

Devil's Den also features a horse camp area that offers access to approximately 20 miles of riding trails in the Lee Creek Valley and on surrounding ridges.

Easy Trails: CCC Interpretive Trail, Lake Trail, and  Woody Plant Trail 

Moderate TrailsDevil's Den Self-Guided Trail, Fossil Flats, Gorley King, Lee Creek Trail, Old Road Trail, and Yellow Rock Trail 

Strenuous Trails: Butterfield Hiking Trail and Vista Point Trail



Distance from Convention Center:

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