Fort Smith Bikeway

The Fort Smith Bikeway connects you to parks, libraries, schools and universities, and to transit system bus stops.

Ultimately, bicyclists will be able to pedal to their favorite Fort Smith destinations. Initial bicycle routes, based on safety and compatibility with the city’s streets, are now open.

The bikeway plan has been developed to ensure that long-term objectives are met. While class III bikeways are open and clearly marked on neighborhood streets, the plan calls for future expansion. In the future, the bikeway will include striped lanes on selected streets and bike paths that are separate from the road.

The new bikeway in Fort Smith is a transportation alternative that enhances our quality of life. It provides citizens an opportunity to utilize shared-use bike routes for transportation, recreation, and community services. By replacing even a few motor vehicles on the road with bicyclists, we can reduce pollution, traffic, and potentially stress. The result is a healthier environment.

Class I: A bike path separate from the road. 

Class II: A bike path marked by painted lines on the road and signs.

Class III: This map includes the class III bikeways, the first phase of the bikeway plan. “Bike Route” signs in neighborhoods and secondary streets mark the routes designed to take riders to schools, parks, libraries and other destinations. Some bike routes provide access to the Fort Smith Transit System.

Class IV: All other public streets.

*** (Class II bikeways do not appear on the bikeway map because they are still in the development stage)

Download Bikeway Maps:

Northwest Bikeway Map

Southwest Bikeway Map

Northeast Bikeway Map

Southeast Bikeway Map



Distance from Convention Center:

1.8 mi.


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