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Designated as one of True West magazine's, "Top 10 True Western Towns," Fort Smith served as the Nation's original gateway to the west and the events that happened here inspired iconic pop culture classics like True Grit, Hang'em High, Lonesome Dove and more. Yes, we are very proud of our 200 years of history, but you'll soon realize that doesn't mean that we live in the past. Today, Fort Smith is one of the largest cities in Arkansas and can provide your group with several days of activities that can be curated to fit your group's specific interests. Naturally, Fort Smith is a history buff's paradise, but there are treasures waiting around every corner of the city for those interested in arts & culture, cuisine, the great outdoors, agritourism, live music & entertainment, plus so much more.

Fort Smith rests within the mighty Arkansas River Valley and is cradled by the majestic Ozark and Ouachita mountains. The Arkansas River borders Fort Smith on the west, separating it from what was once known as Indian Territory (modern-day Oklahoma). In close proximity to several of the Nation's major highway and interstate systems, the city is very accessible by motorcoach and offers views of some of the most beautifully preserved natural landscapes that exist in North America. In fact, Fort Smith is a quick and easy one-day trip from large metros like Tulsa, St. Louis, Kansas City, Dallas, Austin, Amarillo, Atlanta, Shreveport, Memphis, Nashville, Mobile and many others. For more details on getting to fort smith via road or the Fort Smith Regional Airport, click here!

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