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Let us help you Experience Fort Smith in a way that will allow your group to create memories that last a lifetime. Our curated or custom group tour itineraries will help your group experience Fort Smith as uniquely as possible by guiding you through all that there is to see and do in this historic city. Already planned your own itinerary and/or know which attractions you would like to visit? That's great! Just contact us for help with pricing proposals for lodging and any group pricing discounts that may apply at the attractions you plan to visit. You can even start by building your own custom tour, here! Once you do, we'll help you organize an itinerary into a schedule that will allow you to navigate through the city most efficiently.

Star of the
Western Frontier

Star of the Western Frontier - Tour Itinerary

2-Day Itinerary

Welcome to the Star of the Western Frontier, where your group will relive a history that inspired True Grit, Lonesome Dove, and other iconic tales of the American West. Discover world-renowned public art, explore the majesty of
the Ozarks by train, visit the barbershop where Elvis received his famous military
buzz cut, and more in Fort Smith, Arkansas!

The Butterfield
Stagecoach Path

Butterfield Stagecoach Path Tour Itinerary

3-Day Itinerary

Relive America’s frontier past from the perspective of John Butterfield, as your group explores the path of the Butterfield Stagecoach that
began in Missouri, stopped on the edge of civilization in Fort
Smith, and then pressed forward through the gateway to The Wild West and the many dangers waiting inside of Indian Territory.

Justice, Art & The
Trail of Tears

Justice, Art & The Trail of Tears - Tour Itinerary

5-Day Itinerary

Relive a history that inspired the iconic tale of True Grit, walk along a paved portion of the Trail of Tears, and discover a growing gallery of
world-renowned public art in historic downtown Fort Smith. Enjoy a traditional Cherokee meal, visit Sequoyah's Cabin, tour the beautiful Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and more!

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