Illinois Bayou Fishing

Starting on the southern slopes of The Ozarks, Illinois Bayou flows towards Russellville and then into the Arkansas River. Though it is a bayou, it features class II/III whitewater. Really, there are four streams that make up the Illinois Bayou: North Fork, Middle Fork, East Fork, and the main stem downstream from Bayou Bluff. Rocky outcrops, steep hillsides of dense forest, and periodic glimpses of wildlife can be expected. The main stem offers overhanging trees, interesting vistas, and occasional scenes of pastoral landscapes.

Fishing found in Illinois Bayou: blue catfish, channel catfish, flathead catfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rock sunfish, spotted sunfish, bluegill sunfish, warmouth.

Access Points: The closest access point is about an hour drive and located off of US Highway 64 West in Russellville, Arkansas. There are several trailerable boat launches in this area. To the North, you will only find hand boat launches. For a map showing access points to the Illinois River and it's forks CLICK HERE!



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