McClure Amphitheater

Located near Chaffee Crossing Historic District, McClure Amphitheater was originally built by the U.S. Army as a training facility in 1953.

Today, it functions as a City of Fort Smith specialty park and outdoor gathering place that connects visitors and locals to multi-use trails and offers stunning views of Fort Smith.

McClure Amphitheater can be reserved for reunions, performances, meetings, and other special gatherings by calling Fort Smith Parks & Recreation at (479) 784-2368.

Deposit: $100(Refundable)
Restrooms: No
Parking: On-Site
Electricity: Available with reservation
Alcohol & Tobacco: Prohibited
Tables & Chairs: No
Approximate Capacity: 200

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Distance from Convention Center:

6.8 mi.

8 AM-10 PM



Free On-Site Parking
Handicap Accessible
Free Parking
Meeting Venue
Handicap Accessible

Free parking is available on site.{{Referrer}}&ut2={{Page Path}}&ut3={{Page URL}}