River Valley Book Swap

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Event Details

Dates: 2/17/2024
Times: 2 PM
Price: $15 - $25


The River Valley Book Swap is an opportunity to mingle with bookish folks while exchanging books you've already read for something new. Bring that TBR list and see what you can find!

VIP Tickets will get you early access to the swap + an official RV Book Swap Tote bag to hold all your new books.

Bring the books (limit 15) you want to swap out between 10 am and 12 pm on February 17th. You'll receive tickets for each book you bring, and you can cash those in at any genre table once the swap begins. These are the genres we will be taking: Realistic Fiction, Biography/Memoir/Autobiography, History, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, YA Fiction, Horror, and Social Science. Make sure your books fit into one of these genres before lugging them to the Bakery District.

Food trucks and Fort Smith Coffee Company will be open for food and beverages.

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