True Grit Running Company

True Grit Running Company is where Perseverance Meets Passion. Getting to the finish line requires perseverance, but we also recognize that one cannot get to the finish line without having the passion to first get to the starting line. We believe all runners have True Grit; we just have the gear to help them show it.

True Grit Running Company was founded to passionately promote a healthy and active lifestyle in Fort Smith and the River Valley area. We aim to create an exceptional retail experience by providing excellent customer care, product knowledge, and building strong relationships within our community. True Grit Running Company provides the only slow motion video gait analysis system in Fort Smith, ensuring each customer has a unique experience.





Distance from Convention Center:

4.4 mi.

Tuesday-Saturday: 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Sunday-Monday: Closed

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Metered parking is available at the front of the store and along all of Garrison Avenue. Public parking lots are also located along Garrison Avenue.{{Referrer}}&ut2={{Page Path}}&ut3={{Page URL}}