Vintage Pistol’s Friendsgiving

Event Details

Dates: 11/24/2021
Times: Doors Open: 7 PM
Price: $12-$15


Got the holiday scaries? Need a break from the fam or a place to party down with your mothers brothers sisters daddy’s cousins uncles and the whole gang? We got you
Vintage Pistol and the Majestic of Fort Smith bring you “VINTAGE PISTOL FRIENDSGIVING”

Doors Open: 7 PM
Support at 8 PM
Vintage Pistol at 9:30 PM

Bobbing along the seemingly never-ending ocean that is the jam band market, it can be easy to get seasick. With constant waves of new artists crashing up against the vessel of fandom, there’s a proclivity to generalize all of it into one banal body of water. Then, off in the distance, a beacon of light can be seen. A port in a storm of generality emerges, offering a refuge of originality. The shore that reveals itself is a new one, seldom seen to previous travelers. To find a new, untapped artist is to find refuge in a bewildering storm and Vintage Pistol sent out a flare to all distressed sailors with the release of its new album, Energy

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