War Paint by D*FACE

D*FACE is a United Kingdome (London) artist revered as one of most prolific contemporary urban artists of his generation. He has been a leading figure in urban art for well over a decade. Known for his subversive images, which involve a family of dysfunctional characters whose roles are to shock as well as entertain, his work challenges orthodox thinking and encourages the public to not just ‘see’ but to look at their surroundings.

D*FACE became an immediate favorite of locals and visitors who travel to Fort Smith, Arkansas, during The Unexpected project and throughout the year to view the public art. This beautiful piece titled, "War Paint," was created during The Unexpected of 2016 at the Park at West End in downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas!

Distance from Convention Center:

0.5 mi.

The Unexpected outdoor art can be viewed at any time. 

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Free parking is located in the parking lot adjacent to the Park at West End and metered parking is located along Garrison Avenue.

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