American Heroes by Guido Van Helten

Australian artist Guido Van Helten has created art in Australia, London, Iceland, Scotland...and now in Fort Smith, Arkansas! He paints nostalgic art – similar to watercolor paintings – using culturally authentic photographs for inspiration.

He grew up in Melbourne – Australia’s graffiti capital – and was arrested five times for his graffiti before he decided to attend the University in Brisbane, where he studied visual art and experimented with watercolors.

Guido's triptych piece titled, "American Heroes," features Fort Smith locals, which includes an African American female who owns a business in town, a Navajo man who is an active member of the Lawbreakers & Peacemakers reenactment group, and a WWII Veteran and recent lifelong employee (recently retired) of OK Foods, Inc., which owns the towering feed mill this piece was created on. 

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0.3 mi.

The Unexpected outdoor artwork can be viewed at any time.

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