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Tour Fort Smith!

Bring your tour groups to Fort Smith, Arkansas, and relive the rough and tumble days that characterized the Wild West! In Fort Smith, your group will witness the past come back to life as you relive history through stories and reenactments of some of the most infamous outlaws and fearless Deputy U.S. Marshalls in American History. We embrace and celebrate our Wild West heritage as we live and breathe its past, but also have a reputation for welcoming visitors with a unique brand of hospitality that can only be experienced at The Star of the Western Frontier!

Designated as one of True West magazine's, "Top 10 True Western Towns," Fort Smith served as the gateway to the American West, and the events that happened here inspired iconic pop culture classics like True Grit, Hang'em High, Lonesome Dove, and more. Today, Fort Smith is one of the largest cities in Arkansas and can provide your group with several days of activities that can be curated to fit your group's specific interests. Naturally, Fort Smith is a history buff's paradise, but there are treasures waiting around every corner of the city for those interested in arts & culture, the great outdoors, Native American heritage, architecture, and so much more.

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