Cowboy Action Shooting

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Cowboy Action Shooting
3rd Sunday of Each Month
Starts at 9 AM
Old Fort Gun Club

What is Cowboy Action Shooting?
Simply put it is “the most fun you can have with your boots on.”

Have you ever wanted to be on the screen with your favorite Western hero? Or wanted to ride the range with the lawmen and outlaws of the Old West? If so, you are a good candidate to have a blast at a cowboy action shoot.

Cowboy action shoots try to recreate the Old West as it might have been. Or should have been according to the books, movies and TV shows that have fired the imaginations of countless young buckaroos over the years. You can wear the tall cowboy boots with spurs-a-jangling, your wide-brimmed sombrero, and a gunbelt loaded with two single-action revolvers and all the ammo you can carry. Of course, you’ll have to bring along your trusty rifle and shotgun just in case the bad guys come with their whole gang.

Cowboy action shooting is the fastest-growing shooting sport in the world. It is the perfect family-oriented shooting sport. Women and children are encouraged to join in the fun and games. Thirty percent of SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) members are women and juniors.

At a cowboy match, you will meet a fine group of people willing to help a new shooter any way they can, up to and including loaning you the firearms and ammo to try your hand at the sport. One of the original descriptions of cowboy action shooting was “organized tin can rolling”, and it is still an apt description.

We have scenarios or stages of fire where you are the marshal, maybe a banker, stagecoach driver, bartender, or just a rancher out on the prairie. You must defend yourself or your family from the desperadoes trying to separate you from your property or your life. But, we do it with a sense of humor and a lot of laughter. You have to shoot using an alias reminiscent of the Old West or the “B” Western era because we wouldn’t want anyone to be embarrassed if the results were printed in your hometown newspaper.

If you have the spirit of adventure still flowing through your veins then you just might want to come out and play with us on the third Saturday of the month at the Old Fort Gun Club’s river range. We start at 9:00 Central time.

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