Why Fort Smith?

For 200 years, people have been travelling to Fort Smith, Arkansas! Some, chasing the American Dream and seeking new opportunities awaiting them in the western frontier. Others, like the Deputy U.S. Marshals, to restore peace to Indian Territory and bring some of the most infamous outlaws in history to justice. Many, to rally against those who threatened the American way of life during the Civil War, WWII and other major conflicts. And now, perhaps your group will travel to Fort Smith. Luckily, things aren't as wild as they once were, but like other groups that have come before you, we are confident that the memories you make in Fort Smith will be of historic proportions!

Experience Fort Smith

Fort Smith connects rich heritage with modern, big-city amenities and attractions that are ideal for keeping large groups thoroughly – and affordably – entertained. No matter how large your group, there will always be something entertaining for them to do or see, regardless of their individual interests! Relive history through stories and reenactments of outlaws, lawmen, soldiers, and the Trail of Tears. Explore The Natural State at its finest as you journey through the mighty Arkansas River Valley and the majestic Ozark Mountains by train. Watch the sun setting on Indian Territory from atop a vintage Ferris Wheel located downtown. Discover unique exhibits, art galleries, live entertainment, shopping, and more. Want to see what makes Fort Smith one of True West magazine's, "Top Ten True Western Towns?" We can't wait to share our city with your group as you Tour Fort Smith!

Stay in Fort Smith

Our choice hotels, motels and inns are located throughout the city and provide more than 2,000 comfortable rooms that can accommodate any budget. For something with a little more Southern-styled elegance, our local bed & breakfasts offer private and luxurious suites that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Just minutes from the city's lodging facilities are dozens of things to see and do. As a matter of fact, anything that isn't close enough to walk to is no more than a 15-minute drive, at the most. A perk of being a border city to Oklahoma is that several casinos are also located in very close proximity to all of our hotels.

Dine in Fort Smith

Because it was the gateway to the west, people of virtually all world cultures traveled to Fort Smith in its earlier days. Fortunately, some of them would find the opportunities they were seeking right here in Fort Smith! Then, major conflicts like the Vietnam War would bring hundreds of refugees into the city and diversify its cultural heritage even more. Over the course of 200 years, that has become very noticeable through the unparalleled diversity of Fort Smith's culinary landscape. From Southern-styled fried chicken and catfish, championship BBQ, collard greens, and Cajun specialties to more exotic cuisines of Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, Greece, Italy, China, Japan, and many others, Fort Smith is the perfect destination for any group of foodies.

Location, Location, Location

It's no secret that required travel time – for leisure and for business – can have a big impact on the destination that a group chooses. When travelling by motorcoach, it is also important to take routes that avoid difficult terrains and narrow/winding roads, but that also allow your group to enjoy the scenery just outside of your windows. For that reason, Fort Smith is one of the easiest and most convenient destinations you could hope to travel to. As a matter of fact, it is one of the main reasons that the city served as the Nation's original gateway to the west, has housed one of the largest and most active military training campuses for decades, and has continued to grow over the last 200 years. It is also one of the reasons that it is now accessible by – or in extremely close proximity to – numerous major U.S. highways and interstate systems that stretch from one coast to the next. In fact, whether you’re coming from within Arkansas or from Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, or Mississippi, getting to Fort Smith is a quick and easy one-day trip. Plus, as you travel to Fort Smith, you will drive along some of most scenic National Forests, rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges in the entire State. 

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