Greg Smith River Trail

Greg Smith River Trail is an extra-wide, lighted multi-use trail along the Arkansas Riverfront in downtown Fort Smith. It extends approximately 6.3 miles along the Arkansas River and starts at Harry E. Kelly River Park. The trail consists of three sections:

Section I: 1.6 miles extending from the River Park Events Buildings down to the former Rice Carden Levee Trailhead. Amenities along this section include a stone walkway leading to the River for fishing, a pedestrian bridge, a pavilion, seating areas, and five statues donated by the Griffin family

Section II: This is an approximately 3.2-mile asphalt trail.

Section III: The 1.5-mile walking trail extension begins at the end of the Rice Carden Levee Trail and extends past Fort Smith Park, ending at the railroad tracks along Riverfront Drive.


Distance from Convention Center:

0.6 mi.

6 AM - 11 PM


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