Reasons to Meet in Fort Smith!

Location, Location, Location!

It's no secret that required travel time – for leisure and for business – can have a big impact on the destination that is chosen for an event and how many people will ultimately attend. For that reason, Fort Smith is one of the easiest and most convenient destinations to travel to, in America. As a matter of fact, it is one of the main reasons that the city served as the Nation's original gateway to the west, has housed one of the largest and most active military training campuses for decades, and has continued to grow over the last 200 years. It is also one of the reasons that it is now accessible by – or in extremely close proximity to – numerous major U.S. highway/interstate systems that stretch from one coast to the next. In fact, whether you’re coming from within Arkansas or from Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, or Mississippi, getting to Fort Smith is a quick and easy one-day trip from large metros like: Tulsa, St. Louis, Kansas City, Dallas, Austin, Amarillo, Atlanta, Shreveport, Memphis, Nashville, Mobile and many others. For more details on getting to fort smith via road or the Fort Smith Regional Airport, click here!

Diversified Skillsets & Services

When it comes to service, the collective skillset of the Fort Smith CVB (Experience Fort Smith) and Fort Smith Convention Center team could be described as a syzygy of diverse professional backgrounds and capabilities. All passionate about the tourism, event planning and hospitality industry, our team is comprised of professionals who also have strong backgrounds in technology, creative services, communications, and digital media that makes our team unique. For example, the mobile charging stations available in the convention center were built by members of our team. And our mobile app, "Experience Fort Smith," was developed in-house. When working with our team, you will find that we are always willing to put any of our skills to use for you. Whether you need help with designing print collateral for your event, creating an interactive map, or would just like us to provide something as simple as a list of attractions and restaurants closest to your venue, you can rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way – from the first call and throughout each day of your event!

Experience Fort Smith!

Fort Smith connects rich heritage with modern, big-city amenities and attractions that are ideal for keeping large groups thoroughly – and affordably – entertained. No matter how large your group, there will always be something entertaining for them to do or see, regardless of their individual interests! Want to see what makes Fort Smith one of the top convention and tourism destinations around? Come experience southern hospitality at its finest! Here are a few more reasons to Experience Fort Smith!

  1. Fort Smith is one of True West magazines, "Top Ten True Western Towns," with one of 2016's, "Top 50 Historic Places in the Nation," (#1 in the State) by FlipKey – a Trip Advisor company.

  2. Ranked the #1 Most Affordable Most Affordable City in the U.S. by Kiplinger's, 2010.

  3. Ranked #2 in the U.S. for Lowest Cost of Doing Business, Forbes, 2011

  4. Centrally located on the Arkansas/Oklahoma border and near the intersection of I-40 and I-540.  

  5. Jet service at Fort Smith Regional Airport direct from Dallas/Fort Worth and Atlanta.

  6. Big city amenities and small town hospitality!

  7. Complimentary parking and airport shuttle service available at all major hotels.   

  8. More than 2,000 quality hotel rooms in the city, including 448 within three blocks of the Fort Smith Convention Center.

  9. Traffic is not a problem; nothing in Fort Smith should be more than an easy 15-minute drive from anything else for convention-goers.

  10. More than 200 clubs and restaurants that represent cultures from all around the world.

  11. Dozens of unique historical, cultural and natural attractions in and around the Fort Smith region. 


For more information and/or help planning your meeting:

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