Trail of Tears by D*Face

D*FACE is one of most prolific contemporary urban artists of his generation and was at the forefront of the urban art movement its rise into pop-culture. Known for his subversive images, which involve a family of dysfunctional characters whose roles are to shock as well as entertain, his work challenges orthodox thinking and encourages the public to not just "see" but to look at their surroundings.

As part of the inaugural Festival of Murals brought to Fort Smith by The Unexpected,  D*Face installed two murals. His second installment was a simple yet striking concept that is symbolic of the Federal Policy that would become known as The Trail of Tears. 

The mural is located on the western wall of the downtown building located at 501 Garrison Avenue in downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas. If you're heading west, the mural is located directly in front of Garrison Pointe. If you turn right on North 5th Street it will be to your immediate right.

Distance from Convention Center:

0.3 mi.

Downtown street art can be viewed at any time. 

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